It's time to tell your story.

We all know the attention span of your audience is limited.


60 seconds on Instagram should be just as effective as any other length of content.


Let us formulate the best content, at the right length for each platform you want to connect with your veiwers on.

Our Work

About Us

Arora is the creative collaboration of a trusted team of seasoned professionals.


We are an end-to-end production agency. Conceptualizing, scripting, story-boarding, location sourcing, shooting, editing and providing graphical content.

Video content is by far the best way to engage your customer base.


Arora specializes in the creation of thoughtful video content, online campaigns, and physical products to engage our clients audience and further their business goals.

We want people to view our clients content and feel like they already know them.

Connecting emotionally & visually and immersing themselves in their brand.

That's why all the photos on this site are from our shoots and none of our "work" is spec. We were hired to produce for our list of clients.

We treat you

as individually as your brand.

Marketing content shouldn't be cookie cutter. The concept, talent, production, editing
and graphics should represent your company and its unique personality.

Our Work

Web Video

Web video is the primary way clients reach and connect with their customer base. It's also an ideal way to find new customers.
Using social media, online advertising, blogs and other outlets you can present faces, voices, products and heart to help grow your business.


Whether it's a 30 second commercial or an hour long show we have the experience to produce prime-time worthy content.

Come to us with your brief and we'll help script it, scout locations, cast, gain permits, shoot, edit, colour and deliver your piece.


Are you an independant Script Writer? Director? Producer?

Do you need to shoot a spec scene for investment? Create a short narrative? Or even shoot a feature length?

We offer the ability to get it done effectively.

From storyboards to final delivery.


So you just shot a blog post, crowd funding campaign, company training video or film.

Now you are stuck!

Having overestimated the capabilities of iMovie, have hit a mental block, or simple don't have the time. Let us deal with the project and inject our creativity and professional finishing skills into making it a winning piece.


We go to great lengths when creating content to make sure it eludes your brand, image, culture or community.

If you're about to launch a new company, product or series you'll want branded items to create that recognition, let us help you with it.

We partnered with a top Silicon Valley company to provide you with the highest quality branded promotional marketing materials you can ask for.

Logos & Graphics

We pride ourselves on solid graphic design. Working for you as well as with you. Creating logos & icons for clients without them and integrating motion and screen graphics into your content. We do it seamlessly to convey your individual heartfelt message so that it's tastefully stamped with your identity.

Our imagination

serves your needs.

As a young creative team we can conceptualize and design concepts that are as unique as your company.
Our clients trust us to write scripts, present original ideas and collaborate with their brand teams to ensure every piece of content engages their audience to its maximum potential.

Our Work

The piece is perfect! You captured the ideals and personality behind our organization. I can not wait to show this to the board and share it with our audience. - Jan, Community Veterans Project

Our Clients





Client Profiles


When Snapfish were looking to re-brand we handled their relaunch videos. Helping to conceptualize what it is to be a Snapfish customer. We have gone on to produce their marketing commercials that are shown as ads on Hulu and other streaming services and have had millions of plays.

Community Veterans Project

Partnering with CVP was a no brainer. We all know someone that has been in the military and providing support to those returning veterans is a massively important task, often overlooked by the military itself. We created a series of videos to help transition returning vets and their families to a new normal life.

Terra TV

Terra TV push us to run slick efficient productions. Their show Home Sessions includes a meet & greet interview with a famous band, a brand placement spot and a full live concert all in one (long) day! The logistics involved are massive and they trust us to pull it off smoothly.

We love the ads! I can not wait to get them out into the world. - Jonathan, Digital Marketing Manager - Snapfish

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Offices in Silicon Valley, Miami and London.